Why Do I Need A Wedding Photographer | FJS Photography

“Don’t bother about the expense of a wedding photographer, everyone will have their phones… you’ll get loads of photos!”

Anyone ever heard that? Those people may mean well, but with the best will in the world, they need to shhh! 

I would always, always advise couples to get a professional wedding photographer. I know what you’re thinking, well of course you would, you are a wedding photographer! But thats not the reason why… 

Don’t get me wrong, some photos that friends and family take are beautiful. Photos taken on a selfie stick are some of my favourites from my wedding day! And yes, a photographer may well be one of the most expensive costs for your wedding day.

However, for some moments a mobile phone just won’t do… such a capturing the way the best man puts his hand on the grooms shoulder in congratulation, the tear in a grooms eye as he waits for his bride to walk down the aisle, the first kiss… need I go on? Well yes, thats just the ceremony! Think about the whole day, and the little moments that you don’t even realise the photographer is capturing. You’ll look back on the photos and realise those little moments were actually the big ones. 

Another huge reason is, what are you left with after your wedding day? The food has all been eaten, the invites given out and thrown away, that beyond gorgeous wedding dress is in a box in the loft (because no matter how much you love it, apparently its not normal attire to do your food shopping in… although given half a chance I would definitely be in Tescos in my dress, tiara and all 😉 ). But in all seriousness, photos. Photos are how you remember your day, remind you of those little details you would otherwise forget… thats worth investing in right?

And which photos end up on the wall? Well I know in my house, as you go down the stairs, staring back at you is a huge canvas of myself and my husband that our wedding photographer took. Its almost always those beautiful portraits of the bride and groom that people adore, and print out big to display. They evoke emotion, and beauty, and ultimately, remind you of what the day is all about: you. Not your friends and family, not the cake or the food but you and your husband or wife coming together. You declaring your love for one another, and vowing to spend the rest of your life together.

So yes, I am passionate that you should have a wedding photographer there, to capture all those moments and emotions that make you remember why you got married in the first place.

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Nicki x