Help, My Venue Doesn't Allow Confetti! 4 Fun Alternatives. | FJS Photography

“Sorry, we don’t allow confetti on the grounds”. Those dreaded words that send doom into the heart of every engaged couple who have dreamed of having beautiful petals rain down over them as they leave their wedding ceremony. Have no fear though! There are some great alternatives to confetti that look just as beautiful. 

1. Bubbles

Little personalised bottles of bubbles look great as favours on guests chairs in the ceremony, or in a basket by the door when they exit. Its a whole heap of fun, for both the guests and you guys! Make a corridor of guests, and get walking through the middle! Make sure you’ve got plenty of guests participating, as with bubbles the more there are the better it looks in photos. The only thing to be aware of with bubbles is that the liquid can stain, so be careful that guests do not spill it on your dress. 


2. Autumn Leaves

If you’re getting married in October or November, and your venue doesn’t allow confetti, you might find that you have a wonderful alternative that Mother Nature has already there for you! Simply get your guests to pick up a handful of fallen autumn leaves each, and throw them over you as you walk through the middle of a corridor of guests.. exactly the same as you would with your confetti! Word of warning though, make sure the leaves your guests pick up are dry, not wet or having been in the mud. The last thing you want is guests throwing piles of mud all over you! 


3. Natural Petal Confetti

Although some venues do not allow traditional rice paper confetti, they sometimes will allow confetti made from real flower petals dried out. You can buy these from specialist companies, or you can make them yourselves, which I’ve seen brides do with great results! Wildflower Favours have written a great guide on how to make your own, check it out here! Just be careful that if the weather is wet, the colour doesn’t transfer onto your dress from the flowers. 


 4. Sparklers

Sparklers are an amazing addition to your wedding, whether it is instead of confetti or in addition to it! They’re so much fun, everyone loves them from kids to adults! Obvious safety concern with sparklers, make sure your corridor for walking through is really wide, make sure there is a bucket of water or hose near by in case of a fire, and make sure you have a bucket of sand for everyone to put the used sparklers in as they stay hot for a while afterwards. Also double check with your venue whether or not they allow sparklers, as some venues insurance won’t cover it. But if your allowed them, and your safety is up to standard, then have fun with them! They make for awesome photos, and amazing memories. 

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So there’s some ideas for alternatives to confetti… all is not lost if you’re not allowed it! Check out the gallery to see more wedding photos, including ones with alternatives to confetti! Have you had something else other than whats mentioned above? Comment and let me know if you have! 🙂

Nicki x