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Click on the photos to see them in full screen… immerse yourself in the emotions of the weddings, and imagine yourselves in those moments on your own day.

I will capture your day for you in such stunning detail that it will bring back the emotions and memories of the day time after time, every time you look at the photographs. You will be able to relive it moment by moment, laugh and cry together all over again.

Because all of my packages include two professional wedding photographers, this means we are perfectly poised to capture as much of your wedding as possible… for example, whilst I am photographing yourselves and your loved ones, my second photographer will be moving around your drinks reception, candidly capturing your guests mingling, laughing and having the wonderful time you are hoping for. Whilst I am photographing you giving your speech, and the emotions exchanged amongst the top table, tears shed and laughs had, my second photographer will be capturing the laughs, emotions and tears being shared around your tables when people hear your words. Two photographers means your wedding has two people there purely to capture your memories, and immortalise your day.

I will blend seamlessly into your wedding: unobtrusive, blending into the background, capturing your day as it happens. Because of this, I capture the natural moments of your day, those very real emotions and the very essence of how your wedding day looked and felt. This has a profound effect on the authenticity of your photos, and you will look back on your wedding photographs with awe and love, stirring up the emotions and exhilaration of your day for years to come.