What Type of Bridal Shoes Should I Have? | FJS Photography

Not going to lie, I am a shoe girl through and through. Combine that with weddings and bridal shoes, and I am in heaven! So read on for my top 5 types of bridal shoe, to help you discover which one is best for you.

A really important part of your wedding outfit planning is your bridal shoes. You will be walking and standing in them all day, and if they’re not comfortable or if they rub then you’ll soon know about it! The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable on your wedding day! But if you’re anything like me, you love a good pair of shoes, and the look has to be spot on too.

Block Heel Court Shoes

Gorgeous little shoes like these strike a perfect balance between pretty and functional. Perfect for those who don’t often wear heels or who would find it uncomfortable to be in skyscraper heels all day, these beautiful satin bridal shoes are elegant and comfortable.

Glamourous Stiletto Heels

These showstopper heels are for someone who wants their shoes to be a talking point in her wedding ensemble. Also, you may even be able to wear them again after which is a big plus! These bridal shoes certainly bring an element of glamour to your bridal look, and always give me shoe envy! Just be careful that you are used to wearing such high heels, and subsequently you aren’t going to want to take them off 10 minutes after putting them on!

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Funky Combat Boots

Are you a bit of a rock chick, or a bit alternative, and love a good pair of Doc Martens? Why not get yourself a pair of combat style bridal boots? Fun, functional and comfortable, what more could you want! It is really important that your bridal shoes reflect a bit of your personality, as with everything else in your wedding.

Comfortable Converse

Converse have made huge impression on the wedding industry in the last few years. Lots of brides choose to have converse as their bridal shoes, either for the whole day or for the evening once the formalities are over. Converse even have a page on their website where you can customise your own shoes, which you can find that here. They look awesome, can be personalised, and above all are comfortable! Win win!

Wedding Wellies

Now if there’s one thing we can NOT count on at a British wedding is the weather. So if you’re having an outdoor wedding, you might need a back up plan. For example, these particular wellies were for a beautiful tipi wedding in a field, and were a great addition in case of rain. And just because they’re wellies, doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty! These were decorated with a satin bow in order to give them a bridal edge.

So tell me, what type of bridal shoe are you leaning towards? Maybe you’re going to have to have a few pairs, stiletto heels for the day and converse for the evening perhaps? Let me know in the comments!