Marnie and Colin's Oakham Castle Wedding | FJS Photography

Oh what a day!

The intriguing, stunning Oakham Castle was the setting for Marnie and Colins ceremony, and what a ceremony it was! Colin couldn’t help but smile as he saw Marnie arrives the the end of aisle, and her look back at him was just perfection! They read touching, handwritten vows that brought tears to everyones eyes, and the love between them was so plain to see.

After the kiss that sealed the deal, we headed outside to get the group shot of everyone who attended the wedding… with 120 people that was a big ask! What made it even more tricky was that every so often that day, the heavens opened, and dropped half of the rain in the world on our heads. However, out we went and we got the shot with Oakham Castle in the background… then the rain started to fall again so we all ran back inside for the rest of the group photos. But WE GOT THE SHOT!

Then it was time for the bride and groom portraits. Marnie and Colin were simply naturals! At the end of the day, the people have that kind of chemistry, its not difficult to create beautiful photos of them. Marnie’s beautiful fiery Calla Lilies bouquet just completed her stunning dress, contrasting beautifully. 

Then the heavens opened again, which we took as an indication that it was time to head over to the reception… but we hadn’t yet had a chance to get a shot of Marnie’s brother who heroically stood in as chauffeur when there was an issue with the wedding car. So bless him, not only had he saved the day by being the chauffeur (although Marnie’s Dad reckoned in his speech it was only so he got to drive a Jaguar lol!), but he was an excellent sport and stayed in the rain for a photo too, complete with chauffeur hat and gloves. 

Then the reception… oh wow. The family had helped to decorate in a Morrocan theme, and my goodness it was incredible… I think my mouth literally dropped open! I adore bright colours, so this was like my dreamland. There was so many little trinkets on the table, beautiful bright pink patterned table coverings and hundreds of tiny tealights.

Their personality didn’t stop there either… the speeches were emotional and hilarious, and the best man had the single best speech trick I have ever hear which had us all in stitches (seriously, ask me about it next time I see you!). They then carried on into a first dance which was completely personal to them, a Dubstep song which I’ll confess I didn’t know the song so couldn’t tell you what it was, but it was simply perfect. And of course, the Doc Marten boots, donned by Marnie, because who wants to be uncomfortable at their wedding?  

I had so much fun at this incredible wedding, wishing you a wonderful married life together 💍❤️


Nicki x

Venue: Oakham CastleFlowers: Country Fayre FloristDress: Honeys Honeys Bridal & EventsHog Roast: Moody Pig Hog Roast

Band: The Basic Cable Band