A Little Bit About Me… | FJS Photography

Hi there! 🙂

Okay, so I’m going to be honest… this is a super scary blog post for me! I HATE talking about myself, usually I’m the one behind the camera, talking to brides and grooms about them and their special day. But I figured you would want to know who is actually going to be photographing you, because something that I am a big believer in is that a connection with your photographer is one of the most important aspects of beautiful wedding photos. 

Anyway, I’m procrastinating… 

So hi… I’m Nicki! Im 27, and I’m married, which was what inspired me to take up wedding photography. I’ve always loved photography, my dads a photographer and has been since before I was born (although he’s more of a nature and landscape photographer… he’s AMAZING!). So then I decided to pursue it, as I have a huge passion for weddings, not just the prettiness and grace of the day, but the connection and love that is all around. And every wedding that I go to reminds me of MY wedding day, and makes me a little bit emotional… which is what a wedding (and your job!) should do right? This is a passion for me, and I LOVE it!

So me and Dan, my husband, have a little boy Freddie who is three years old and is the funniest kid you will ever meet… seriously he’s hilarious! And super beautiful too, so pretty much all round perfect… although I’m biased of course 😉 I also recently gave birth to our second boy, Bobby, who is such a gorgeous little boy! He was born in October 2018, and I did’t think it was possible, but he has brought even more love and happiness into our lives. 

So what do I do to chill? I love to travel, and could spend all day talking to you about the world and travelling and places you’ve been. Otherwise I love films, cocktails, socialising… I’m easily amused, and have fun in pretty much everything I do. 

Im a chilled out, friendly person, could talk for hours and I am one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. I bend over backwards for the people in my life, and that includes my brides and grooms! 

Ive attached a few photos of my life, so you feel like you know me a bit better and we get that oh-so-important connection 🙂

Why not comment and tell me a bit about you? Or if you’re looking for a wedding photographer, lets arrange to meet up for coffee! You can tell me all about your wedding day, and we can dream about the beautiful photos I can take for you 🙂


Nicki x