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So you have booked your venue and set your date… how exciting! One of the most important things to start thinking about next is your wedding photographer. Photographers get booked up well in advance, as far in advance as a year or two. So if you have a wedding photographer in mind or are very particular about a certain style, get enquiring! Your wedding photos are going to be the main memento of your day for you, a photographer captures all those special moments that you will love to look back on, so it’s incredibly important that they are amazing! Asking your wedding photographer the right questions can make all the difference in making sure you get photos that you adore.

I’ve answered the most common questions I get asked when couples enquire!

1) What style of photography do you do?

So personally at FJS Photography I provide documentary style coverage for much of the day, where I blend into the day seamlessly, getting you those beautiful candid shots that capture the real emotions of the day. I mix this with stunning portraiture of you and your new husband or wife, giving you photos that you will be proud to display in your home. And of course we set aside some time to capture group shots of you and your loved ones, so you don’t miss having a photo with people from your day. If you’d like to know more about me, check out my “About Me” page!

2) Can I give you a list of people I want to have group photos of?

Of course! I ask all my couples to fill in a shot list and timeline of the day six weeks or so before the wedding day. I then bring it with me on the day. That way, I can check the timeline as the day progresses and know what is coming next. When it comes to group shots I can tick the shots off as I go so we don’t miss anyone! Its super important as a wedding photographer to be organised. I always advise to clients to try to keep the list fairly concise, as a very long list will impact on the time you will have to mingle with your guests on the day.

3) I have some specific shots in mind of me and my husband or wife to be, can you do these?

Yes definitely! I’m always open to suggestions, and it’s your day after all! It’s so important to me that you are happy with your photos, and I will always strive to deliver any specific ideas you have in mind. I’ll add them to the shot list to make sure that I don’t miss them. You can email them to me at any time in the run up to your day.

4) Can we have a meeting before I pay any money?

Yes, I always recommend my couples meet with me prior to booking. One of the most important things with a wedding photographer is that you click with them! If you click and feel comfortable around someone, then your photos will be even more amazing, because naturally happy photos have something special about them. You can definitely tell when photos feel forced! I love meeting my couples and talking all things weddings, so I would LOVE for you to get in contact, we’ll arrange an informal meeting over a cup of coffee!

5) Do you have a full wedding that I can view? I’ve heard that I should see a whole wedding by a photographer, as sometimes they just have a few good photos.

Yes, if we meet I can show you wedding albums of full weddings, and albums of photos on my iPad of other full weddings. Also on my Facebook page you can see sneak peeks of different weddings that I have shot, and there are a lot of images on there of all aspects of a wedding.

6) Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured. Sometimes your venue may request a certificate of PLI insurance, so if they dp just let me know and I can send it over to you.

7) What if you’re ill on the day?

Well, it’s never happened so far! So fingers crossed it never will happen! Any minor illness (cold, coughs etc), I will take some paracetamol and soldier on. Any serious illness where I am completely unable to attend, I have a network of wedding photographers that I know and have worked with who I would ask to cover me. I also am part of a group of photographers where I can message that I am in need of cover and someone will be able to help. The second shooter will always be experienced enough to photograph alone if absolutely necessary.

8) What about equipment? What if it breaks?

I always carry two cameras with me, so I have one as a back up just in case. My main camera also has two memory card slots in it, so photos are saved to two memory cards as they are taken, which protects against memory card corruption. I change my memory cards periodically throughout the day. I carry with me multiple lenses as well.

9) How long will it take for me to receive my photographs?

I quote a turnaround time of 4 – 6 weeks for the digital gallery and USB, and 16 weeks for an album. This may be longer or shorter depending on the amount of changes you want to make. It all depends how many weddings I have on around the time.

10) What is the deposit and when is the total fee due?

So once you have chosen your package from the Prices and Packages page, you have two options:

  1. You pay an initial deposit of £100 at the time of booking to secure your date, then within a month make another payment so that you have paid half the total amount due. The final balance is then due 6 weeks prior to your wedding.
  2. Pay half the money at the time of booking as a deposit, then as before the final balance is due 6 weeks prior to your wedding.

11) Do I get a second photographer at my day? What are the benefits of having a second photographer?

Yes both packages now come with second photographers included!. The benefits of having a second photographer? There’s plenty! Not both be getting ready in the same place? A second shooter can capture the grooms preparations whilst I am photographing the bride getting ready. Also, a second shooter provides a different perspectives on the day, for example where possible capturing the grooms reaction to the bride walking down the aisle whilst I am photographing the bride walking down the aisle. They also will capture different candids than I will, capture bride and groom portraits from a different angle.

12) Have you photographed a wedding at my venue before?

Obviously this is something I can only answer on an individual basis. I can assure you that if I haven’t then I will always make sure to visit the venue a month or so before your wedding. This is to scope out all the best spots for photos, speak to the staff if possible and learn about how they organise their day, where they allow photographers etc. I will always have been to your venue before your wedding day.

13) Can I put my photos on Facebook and other social media?

Of course! I’m a photo addict, and it would kill me if I couldn’t have shared my wedding photos on Facebook. All I ask is that you tell people who your photographer was! You can print and share them as you like. In the contract that I ask you as a client to sign, I stipulate that I also have free use of the photos. This would be for social media, my website, advertising and any other business use I wish. I always put a sneak peek of the weddings I photograph on my Facebook page, so keep an eye out for yours!

14) Will your logo be on the photographs I receive?

No, the photos you receive on your USB or online gallery will NOT have my logo on them.

Thats the most common questions I get asked! However, if you still have questions that I haven’t answered, then please drop me an email or phone me to ask. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have!

"What can I say!?! I was so pleased with Nicki's work, her professionalism and attention to details that we will be working together again on a next photographic session. I can highly recommend Nicki, she will listen to you and also will be able to direct you the best possible way on your important day."

Sofia Gallo, Wedding Planner, Sofias Weddings and Events

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