Hi there!

My name is Nicki Spendelow, and I live in Bedfordshire with my husband Dan and my boys, Freddie and Bobby.  My guess is, seeing as you have happened upon my site, you are looking for a wedding photographer? Well you are in luck!

I have what can be described as nothing less than a passion for being a wedding photographer. I absolutely adore capturing those incredible moments at weddings, from the tiny little details like bridal jewellery, emotional ceremonies, beautiful bride and groom portraits and through to that magical moment of a couple first dance as man and wife!

So whats my style? Well I think the most beautiful photos happen when people are relaxed and having fun, so thats the kind of vibe I aim for when I’m photographing. I’m a really friendly, relaxed person, and always up for a giggle (at appropriate times of course!). However I work incredibly hard to make sure that I get the photographs that my clients are wanting, and work tirelessly throughout the day. If you would like to know more about the way I work, check out the FAQs page. You’ll also find a page of testimonials from previous brides and grooms. Have a read of why they have been so happy with their photographs!

So take a look at my gallery, and if you like what you see then get in contact! I welcome client, brides and grooms having their own ideas, so if you’ve got some specific thoughts on photographs you would like then let me know! 

Nicki x